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Pigmentation Treatment

#1 Choice in Singapore

Visible and Lasting Results!


Lighten skin 

Slow down melanin production

Improve skin vitality and enhance hydration

Enhance jawline definition and natural face lift

The Treatment Journey

Skin Analysis

Review your skin condition,
personalised skin care treatment


Gently cleanses skin of impurities, dead skin cells and leaving the open pores for deeper delivery of active ingredients afterward

Hydrating mask +Shoulder massage

Soften dead skin cell & balance skin pH release tension and boost blood circulation for maximum result


Cleanse and unclog pores

Active Formula

To reduce and eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin

Focus Ultrasound

Stimulate cell renewal, improve active ingredients absorption


Lock in active ingredients to maintain results

Review Result

Visible result in your 1st session

Restore your skin today it’s best day !

Izumi Aesthetics, pore, pimple, pigmentation specialist from Japan, has helped many individuals lighten their dark spots and brighten their skin tone without makeup.

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Exclusively for FIRST-TIME Men & Women
Customers aged 18 & above (as of your birth date) with pore, pimple, pigmentation other skin problems only.
Limited to one redemption per customer.
booking of an appointment is required.

Other T&Cs may apply.

Izumi Aesthetics we are specializ in treat Pigmentation skin problems such as Brown or dark patches. Melasma, Age spots, Freckles, Dark circles around eye area.

Contact us start ur clear, youthful, healthy looking skin journey.

Confident without make up !

Exclusively for new customer with skin concerns only, aged 18 & above , limited to one redemption per customer. Strictly by appointment only.